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y velas >>jack pinto y noa posner, el niño más joven que fue asesinado. >>lacomunidad empieza a despedir a sus muertos, los compañeros de jack pinto le dieron en esta funeraria el último adios >>no hay palabras para describirlo, no puedoa. >>no pensamos que algo así podría suceder aquí en connecticut, no hay palabras para expresar la pena y el dolor >>el niño solo tenia 6 años, era fanatico de gigantes de nueva york, víctor cruz escribió el nombre de pinto en sus zapatos y prometio dejarlo ahí durante toda la temporada el mensaje que les envio a los padre fue que trataran de manternerlse unidos y fuertes. >>un dolor fuerte empezandon por los padres y el impacto para la comunidad. >>es difícil, es duro. >>también se dio sepultura a nos pos tner, un niño que apenas había cumplido 6 años su hermana gemela por fortuna se salvo del tiroteo porque estaba en otra clases. >>a raiz de todo lo ocurrido padres reclaman mayor seguridad en los planteles para no revivir escenas como estas >>adolorido, apenado, donde está la seguridad para evitar estos problemas >>jack pinto
yesterday the two funerals of jack pinto and noah pozner. one of the viewings will be for that teacher vicki soto who died trying to shield her students from the gunfire. sandy hook, their schools are definitely locked down as part of that investigation that investigators say acould be months' worth of work. pour them, when they will return to work is indefinitely on hold. >>> it may be surprising to some, but in the wake of friday's devastating shooting rampage, gun sales have surged. . nancy pelosi called for that. >> the voices of reasons cannot be silent. through administrative action we must limit the proliferation of automatic weapon that have no purpose other than to kill citizens. >> the newtown tragedy could be a tipping point for some pro-gun lawmakers. >> reporter: the numbers are striking, 8,500 people died each year in gun violence. since columbine, more than 30 mass murders. the latest is chilling. >> shame on nra. >> reporter: as protesters gathered outside of washington, the nra declined to comment on the debate. but there were signs that they have. joe manchin, a life long n
of tragedies. today, newtown will begin burying its dead. funerals for jack pinto, and noah pozner. >> we'll get to know more about ana marquez-green. she is a little girl who liked to sing while her brother played the piano. we'll bring the latest on the suspected shooter. how police say he got into the school. and why he may have been targeting it. >>> and also, an exclusive, heartbreaking, wrenching interview, with the sandy hook principal, dawn hochsprung. what her daughters want you to know about their mother. >> funeral services this afternoon for the two, beautiful little boys. jack pinto, just 6 years old, and noah pozner, just turned 6 last month. this close-knit community is beginning to say good-bye. >> absolutely. this grief-stricken community now has the heartbreaking task of laying their loved ones to rest. last night, president obama spoke to residents here in newtown, to offer words of comfort. offer condolences from an entire nation. saying tragedies like these must end. >> as a community, you've inspired us, newtown. in the face of indescribable violence, in the face of
on connecticut shooting victim jack pinto. as we showed you yesterday, cruz wrote jack pinto's name on his shoes calling him my hero. after the game, he told how he felt. >> it was emotional a, man. it felt good to honor a family that was going through so much. no words to describe the type of feeling get when a kid idolized you so much that they want to unfortunately put him in the casket with your jersey on him. i can't explain it. and jack pinto was buried with his jersey on. and they observed a moment of silence for all of the victims. on "monday night football" titans and jay locker with the game filled with, titans, 14-10 over the jets. >>> in the nba, houston a jeremy lin led the return to madison square garden for a 109-60 win over the knicks. a football autographed by johnny manziel was given to bush 41. former president george h.w. bush. and the heisman winner was on with jay leno last night. >>> just ahead, the voice tribute you're going to want to hear. >>> plus, business at newtown florists is busier than ever. but it's not about the business. it's really about the co
goodbye to two other 66year-olds... jack pinto... and noah pozner. ver the coming days... more victims will be laid to rest.. including students and - teachers. 3 with memories of the ssootinn & still fresh... schools re-open &ptoday in newtown... all except 3 p3 on monday... all schools were -3 admmnistratoos trained withh pxperrs on how to handle thee agree... that facing fear may be the first ssep too overcoming thisstragedy. &p3 "children have o get back to -3 school. if we let thisstype of -3 terror in oor lives anywhere & in our ountry win, we've lost. we'vv gotta get our again."the bii queetion stiil rrmains... why did tte 20-year &poll gunman pen fire at the elementaay chool? aathorities are ssending tth week... poring over eviience, conduccing intervvews, and looking t the shooter's smassed hhme computer for & answers. goveennr o'malley says &plawmakerr will e taking action here in maryland ... in the wake of the conneeticut shootinn. -3&pssooting. he says legislators will be looking at what can bbedone to strrngthen schhol security
spend two hours inside. >>> in sports, victor cruz on shooting victim jack pinto. cruz wrote jack pinto's name on his shoes calling him my hero after the game he talked about how he felt. >> it was emotional, man. i was fighting back tears to do it. it felt good to honor a family that was going through so much. no words to describe the type of feeling you get when a kid idolizes you so much that they want to unfortunately put him in the casket with your jersey on. i can't even explain it. >> and 6-year-old jack pinto was buried on monday in his victor cruz jersey. his family and friends gathd ga to say good-bye. and nba observed a moment of silence for all of the victims. on "monday night football" titans and jake locker's first touchdown of the season in a game filled with mistakes. final, titans, 13-10 over the jets. >>> in the nba, houston's jeremy lin led the return to madison square garden with a 109-96 victory over the knicks. >> a football autographed by the new heisman trophy winner johnny manziel was given to bush 41, former president george h.w. bush as he incorporates in a ho
-yeaa-olds jack pinto and oah pozner were lliidto rest... hose who attended noahhs funeral say his mother's words about her belovee llttle oy were poignant. "hee as very ood boy and when she told him 'i love you' hhssanswer as 'not as muchhas i ovv you.' and -3 that was his coostant ansser a dry eye when the mother passion, tremendous feeling -3 and i think everrone was touched." family and friends alsooremembered little jack pinto. a budding wrestler... mann of jack's friends arrived at his funeraa weaaing newtown -3 wrestling sweatshirts. he was an avid new york giantt fan. innffct, he was buried in a giants jersey. 'newtown is forever changed... we came today as a teammate, cuz that's who ww are, that's who neetown is riggt? we're here 3 studenns will return to school sandy hook elementary will -3 noo. truuks filled with sandy pook materials headed to a neighhoring town to reopen in a former middle school. materials, thh backpaccs hat phey left. whennthe children come in wheneeer the school has started they walk into a classroom that looks as clo
to a buddy's birthday party on saturday. six-year-old jack pinto was described as all boy at his funeral. a huge new york giants' fan whose favorite player, victor cruz, played yesterday with jack's name on his gloves and cleats. jerry rhine holtz was at the funeral. >> the people that spoke, there were little stories about jack being in heaven tossing footballs at the angels and githinging their halos off of their head and everyone got a chuckle out of that. >> reporter: the one funeral home in newtown will hold 11 dunerals between now and christmas. funeral director shauna molloy she from a neighboring town to help out at jack pinto's funeral. did the kids seem to understand what was going on? >> i think some do. you know, i don't know that they can fully-- i mean, they're so little. unfortunately they probably understand more than they should. >> reporter: investigators hoping to understand exactly y ht happened at sandy hook elementary school now hope to learn more from two staff members who were wounded last biday but are recovering. lieutenant paul vance is with the connecticut sta
were held for 6-year-old classmates noah pozner and jack pinto has been laid to rest. he joins us now. >> good evening from sandy hook elementary. we remember two of the youngest victims today. you mentioned noah pozner age 6. he just celebrated a birthday only a month ago on november 20th. he was considered a lively and smart kid. that's how his uncle described him. that was one of two funerals today. get this, dana, noah had a twin sister. her name was ariel. she was in the school at the time of the shooting but she was in a different classroom. these two were said to be inseperable in life. ariel made it out okay. the other funeral for young jack pinto also age 6 a huge sportsmsports fan a big new york giants fan. he was recognized yesterday by wide receiver victor cruise who wrote rip jack pinto rest in peace on his cleats also jack pinto my hero the words of victor cruise that contacted the family. there's likely a meeting between that family and one of his heros in life victor cruise. he loves sports, basketball, baseball, wrestling. in a family statement late today they said a
. on monday, noah pozner and jack pinto, 06 years old, were laid to rest in small caskets. more funerals are slated today including two more 6-year-old victim's, james mattioli and jessica rekos. at the white house, president obama convened a meeting with top officials to discuss ways to respond to the newtown massacre, including potential proposals for gun control. pressed for details, white house press secretary jay carney reduced offer any specifics on how obama plans to address the nation's gun violence. >> is a complex problem that will require a complex solution. no single piece of legislation, no single action will fully address the problem. >> in the aftermath of the newtown massacre, a number of pro-and lawmakers are signaling a new willingness to soften opposition to restrictions on weapons. senator joe manchin of west virginia, a longtime advocate of so-called gun rights, said when it comes to gun control, "everything should be on the table." virginia senator mark warner said he would back a stricter rules, calling the massacre a game changer. senate majority leader harry reid
's michelle franzen joins me now from fairfield, connecticut, where jack pinto's funeral is now underway. michelle. >> well, that's exactly right, andrea. we are here in fairfield about 30 miles from sandy hook where noah posner's burial services are underway. they began about 1:00 today. it is that day, andrea, where we start saying good-bye to all those bright boys and girls, those faces and names that we have learned over the course of the last few days. again, you mentioned the first funerals and services. little noah was 6 years old. he is described by his uncle as smart as a whip, gentle, but having a ram bunkus streak. he leaves behind a twin sister, arielle who was in a separate class and made it out of that school on that day, and he said that his uncle said that noah considered arielle his best friend. they also have an older sister, 8-year-old sophie -- sophia, and the family members said they were all inaccept rabl during that time. in this area from fairfield, connecticut, back to newtown, jack pinto, also 6, his funeral also underway in the next few hours and afternoon. chi
. two 6 years old jack pinto and noah pozner will laid to rest. know' mother spoke at the funeral -- noah's mother spoke at the funeral. >> reporter: the first funerals were monday for victims of friday's shooting at sandy hook. the two 6-year-old jack pento and noah pozner were laid to rest. those who attended noah's funeral say the mother's words were poignant. >> he was good boy and when she told him i love you it's not as much ace love you and constant answer to his mother. >> it was not a dry eye when the mother spoke. tremendous passion and tremendous feeling and i think everyone was touched. >> reporter: family and friends remembered jack pinto. a budding wrestling. many of jack's friends arrive at his funeral wearing newtown wrestling sweet sweat shirts he was a new york giant fan and in fact he was buried in a giants gursy. >> newtown -- jersey. >> newtown is forever changed and we came today as a teammate that's who we are and who newtown is we are here for the pintos. >> reporter: most will return to school this morning. students of sandy hook elementary will not. truck
and jack pinto were remembered. >> you shouldn't be at a 6-year-old's funeral. i mean, it's -- this is a devastating event, and it's heartbreaking as it is. it just keeps getting more heartbreaking. >> reporter: noah pozner was described as smart, care, and rambunctious. jack pintd oh loved the new york giants. he was buried in the jersey of his favorite player, wide receiver victor cruz. >> there were stories about jack being in heaven, tossing footballs at the angs and knocking halos -- angels and knocking halos off of their head. everyone got a chuckle. >> reporter: there will be 11 funerals between now and christmas. newtown school officials have set up grief counselors for students still dealing with the tragedy. tarle? >> good to see you. thank you very much. >>> the grim task of telling the parents of 20 young children they would never see their son or daughter again fell to connecticut's governor, dannel malloy. the parents were brought to the town fire house. yesterday an emotional malloy said he didn't think it was right for families to have to wait a long time f
got little noah and little jack pinto, to six girls who were buried today. it should a community struggling with grief and with shock. we have the latest. >> the agony of this week town was almost unbearable. first jack pinto was also buried. the town will hold the funerals of 80 more small victims of horrific violence. the parents of one of them have been speaking of their desperation as they waited outside the school on friday. >> i know exactly what she was wearing. i was going to see her black the glittery uggs should put on this morning. >> there was still hope because the children were hiding. >> then hope departed. >> there was so much panic and confusion. life was sucked out of everyone in the room. i found a state trooper and was like are there any survivors? are you telling me that standing here as a parent my child is gone and? he said yes. >> in the drizzle outside the school, candles and flowers and decorations, as symbols of the season of joy, serve as a memorial for grief. it is heartbreaking. it set out a bout of national soul-searching about young men and violenc
-old jack pinto and little noah pozner will be laid to rest. >> chase. jesse. james. god has called them all home. >> last night, president obama joined the grieving and promised their deaths would not be in vain. we can't tolerate this anymore. these tragedies must end. and to end them we must change. >> he gave us a lot of hope and knowing that there's something that's going to be done. >> reporter: police are trying to determine a motive. they say the shooter killed his mother and then broke into zook zook elementary school friday morning. >> it's going to take many, many man hours to attempt to draw this picture together, to put this puzzle together. >> without answers this community waits. >> it's just unimaginable. it's just horrible. >> reporter: hearts heavy as many question how to celebrate the christmas holiday just one week away. schools here do remained closed today. students who did not attend sandy hook will return to class tomorrow. in newtown, connecticut, i'm danielle leigh. >>> as just heard there will be two funerals today. jack pinto l be at 1:00. he was a junior wrestler
and jack pinto. noah was called "smart as a whip." he turned since on the 20th of november. his twin sister, she was at the school on the same day but in a different close room. she is alive. you can see from jack's tattoos he was a big fan of the new york giants, the tar wide receiver wrote a message on his own cleats for sunday's game reading jack pinto, my hero, rest in peace. and now, more in newtown from rick. rick: these are obviously heartbreaking and challenging days for the community. the weeks and months and years ahead will remain that way as jonathan discussed, the sandy hook elementary school still is a crime scene so there are efforts underway to find another place for the kids to go to school. because police were at the school today they were there to supervise the moving vans rolled up to move out the furniture and desks and other supplies from the school that could be moved to another location. that location is in a town of monroe about 15 miles away where the sandy hook survivors are expected to go back to school later this week. you mention the two funerals being held tod
. it's a somber monday. the families of 6-year-old jack pinto and noah pozner laid them to rest. >>> the investigation picks up steam today. police are trying to salvage damaged computer drives as they try to figure out the motive behind the rampage. >> as authorities try to piece together the damaged hard drive, they say the process will be lengthy and the school itself could become a crime scene for months. nbc's jay gray has the latest from newtown. >> reporter: good evening, pat and jim. every day seems to bring more difficult tasks. today this grieves community greatered for what may be the toughest, the first two of 26 emotional good-byes. four days ago is when the unthinkable happened here. now this heartbroken community begins a seemingly unbearable task. today the first two of 20 young children were laid to rest. 6-year-old noah pozner described as larger than life, and a family that includes a twin sister who escaped the gunfire. jack pinto was a determined athlete and avid sports fan, a love that helped to shape this card given to friends at hits funeral. as the painf
beginning with jack pinto and newtoah posner. the children are expected to attend another school but have not yet. two women decided to spend their days and sewing and kni tting. they went straight to work. >> they are called a prayer shawl angels. they send prayer shawls and angels to those in need. bellair from the ladies of the charlestown retirement community, given to those looking for hope. those who need prayers' in their time of need. >> it would be somebody in pain and major surgery. lost a loved one. depressed. cancer. other major ellis. >> after the tragic event, the prayer shawl angels of charlestown decided to send shawls to those who lost children. >> there are many things we cannot do but these are small -- this is a small attempt to ease their grief and let them know that they're in our hearts and prayers. >> this is our way of reaching out. this is our way of expanding our love and care and concern for their terrible tragedy. hoping this gives them some comfort when they hold it or put it to run themselves. >> each is handmade and blessed by a priest. >> we have heard fro
, who was a hero to the little boy named noah -- >> jack pinto, i think. >> jack pinto, yeah. anyway, so on his shoe mr. cruz wrote jack pinto, my hero, and he said that little jack wanted to be buried in viktor cruz's jersey. you know, it's -- >> hoda, you count your blessings, and you pray for our nation as a whole, but my daughter came home from, you know, being away studying, and took the red eye and comes bounding in at 7:30 in the morning on a saturday morning. grouchy because it's, what -- and just going up to her bedroom and getting in bed, and i just thought 20 families -- well, of children, that child will never come home. that child will never again get in its bed, and every opportunity you've had to love that child, to hold that child, to pray with that child, to wipe away that child's tears, it's gone. you run out of time. we don't -- we never think about it. we've got all the time in the world for this and this, and ultimately we all run out of time, and we don't know when that will be. so the question is, not when you're going to run out of time, but how you're going to sp
wrote jack pinto on one glove and on one of his cleats he would jack pinto my hero. his funeral is one of the two today. they are one of the fir of the funerals that will take up a large part of the course of this week. he says he was humbled to know that jack would be buried wearing his cruise jersey. bill: martha, we just saw lieutenant van leave the firehouse behind me. the firehouse to my right -- this is the area that's 100 yards down the road from the school. this you will recall is the place where so many students were told to run out of the building, go through the parking lot and meet up with the firehouse. many of the families came here at 10:00 in the morning friday morning to find their young children. 20 parents went home without a child that day. the firehouse is where a lot of police have been working out of. the state police, too. there are 26 triple trees that have been set up. this is another makeshift memorial that late last night in the rain and cold in sandy hook, con. they allowed people to come up this road about a half mile from the center of the village and pla
his name on his gloves, he had his name on the cleats, as well and talk that jack pinto might be buried in the number 80 jersey. meanwhile, this morning, moving trucks were there at the elementary school. a number of moving trucks and we're told they're there to remove the furn which you are and some of the other belongings inside the school and take it from sandy elementary school to chalk hill middle which is a middle school in a nearby town here in connecticut that's vacant. officials are not saying when students will return to class but when they do, they will be going to class at the middle school. meanwhile, these vigils continue to pop up. these makeshift memorials continue to pop up all over this tiny new england town. there's one that's the most famous here in town at the fire station. the fire station where, of course, on friday the scene of so much grief, of so much sadness where all of the parents went to find out whether their little boy or little girl was alive or dead. that has become since then a makeshift memorial. 26 christmas trees there, balloons and ted by
pozner and jack pinto were laid to rest. >> you shouldn't be at a 6-year-olds funeral. this is a devastating event. it's heartbreaking. it just keeps gets more heartbreaking. >> pozner was remembered as a kind and caring boy. his twin sister survived the shooting in another classroom. at pinto's funeral friends wore sports gear in honor of the boy who loved wrestling, football and the giants. he was buried in a giants jersey. >> the people who spoke, there were stories about jack being in heaven tossing footballs at the angels and nothing halos off their head. >> the sandy hook elementary school will remain closed as police continue their investigation and may not reopen. classes will resume in other schools near by. >> on monday many families brought their children to this recreation center for a day of fun. meanwhile police have been learning more about how the killer, 20-year-old adam lanza, went about his killing spree. they might never learn why. >> newtown school officials have grief counselors available for students deal being the tragedy. >>> here in our area m
a final goodbye to jack pinto. >> it was very sad, the family took it very -- as hard as any parent would take it losing their first grader. >> and a large crowd showed up to say goodbye to noah pozner. >> i started to cry because it is very close to home. >> students in the area headed back to school except for sandy hook elementary. they were moved to school in a neighborrerring town where students will eventually return to class. >> we are putting our arms around people. >> it is still unknown why the 20-year-old opened fire on this school. they are interviewing witnesses and looking at the shooter's home come pewter looking for answers. >> we know this town of newtown wants to know what happened and we will do that, we will provide them any and all information, and we will paint a crystal clear picture as much as we possibly can. >>> the reason for that, the shooter used to 'do go to target practice with his mother dashed to go to target practice with -- used to go to target practice with his mother. >>> they are showing their support for the grieve being community. it is set up and t
began burying loved ones today. funerals were held for two 6-year-old boys, jack pinto and noah pozner. just moments ago we were approached by a representative for the family of 6-year-old md&a madeleine hsu. i will quote the words. she was sweet, unique, bright, spak lightning, determined little girl. she was an avid reader who loved running and dancing and she was a born leader. this is the start of what will be a very painful week as friends and family here prepare to say goodbye, to try to say goodbye to the 20 children and six educators killed on friday in the second worst shooting in american history. as newtown mourns, investigators are still trying to figure out what motivated adam lanza to go on a shooting spree and kill children and take the life of his own mother. we'll have more in a moment. the truth is we may never know why adam lanza may choose to go on a mass killing spree, why he may choose to go into a school and kill innocent 6 and 7-year-olds. we are learning a lot more about his mother nancy and the relationship she had with her troubled son. according to friends t
. >>> for six-year-old jack pinto a huge new york giants fan. and noah pozner whose sister survived in another classroom. the rabbi struggled for the right words. today a much tougher task, a eulogy for a six-year-old as a woman collapsed outside in grief, the rabbi inside tried to find words to comfort noah's grieving mother. >> i looked at her and said i personally believe in the eternity of the soul. >> and did noah's family respond the to that? >> yes. that was helpful to her. in the end she released blue and white balloons into the sky until we couldn't see them any more. and that was a good symbol, to let it go. she said go, my son into the blue skies. go my son into the green pastures. >> chris is planning her daughter's funeral tomorrow. jessica was devoted to her two younger siblings and left behind an unexpected gift, a diary. >> i just opened the book and it says i love you so much, mama, love jessica, with a little heart. it is like she was, you know, she's watching us and she knows how hard this must be for us. and she wants to know how much she loved us and knows how much she was
when 6-year-old noah posner and jack pinto were remembered. >> you shouldn't be at a 6-year- old's funeral. this is a devastating event and it's heartbreaking as it is, it just keeps getting more heartbreaking. >> reporter: noah pozner was described as smart, caring and rambunctious. jack pinto loved the new york giants. he was buried in the jersey his favorite football player, giants wide receiver victor cruz. >> there were little stories about jack being in heaven tossing footballs with -- at the angels and knocking their halos off their head and everyone got a chuckle out of that. >> reporter: honan funeral home in newtown will hold 11 funerals between now and christmas. meantime, newtown school officials have set up grief counselors to speak with students who are still dealing with this tragedy. brian. >> you, know marlie, is the sense back there that parents are going to send their kids back to school in the next couple of days, or -- or are they going to be sending them back maybe they are going to take a break and wait until after the christmas holidays? >> reporter: brian
. the first two funerals were held monday when 6-year-old noah pozner and jack pinto were remembered. >> you shouldn't be at a 6-year- old's funeral. i mean, this is a devastating event and it's heartbreaking as it is. it just keeps getting worse. >> reporter: noah pozner was described as smart, caring and rambunctious. jack pinto loved the new york giants. he was buried in the jersey his favorite player, victor cruz. >> there were little stories about jack being in heaven tossing footballs with the angels and knocking halos off their head and everyone got a chuckle out of that. >> reporter: honan funeral home in newtown will hold 11 funerals between now and christmas. marly hall for cbs news, newtown, connecticut. >>> some california lawmakers say it's time for new state laws in hope of preventing tragedies like the one in connecticut. among them is leland yee a local, state senator. he wants to reintroduce a bullet button ban which failed last year. bullet buttons allow gun users to get around the state ban on detachable magazines. >> it is as if we do not have an assault weapons ban in th
. >> that's right, two victims were laid to rest. six year old noah ponser and jack pinto. theshooters home and the school are still active crime scenes. workers are prepping a site about six miles away o so students can go back to school. >> mrisz did seize evidence from his home. >> today, good-byes were longer, hugs were tighter. >> we're putting our children's safety in somebody else's handses and the shooting means local districts are stepping it up. in baltimore, police were stationed outside of schools and they'll be there until further notice. and many other districts are looking at potential vulnerabilities in their buildings. >> we want all principals and building supervisors to walk through every building. at thatpoint, we will have a list compiled for me of things that we know need to be occurring and addressed so we can but put a dollar to it. >> and maryland schools are spoesz supposed to have safety plans and we are told they are all on the sglis it was tough for all on us sending our kids back to school. even though it happened hundreds of miles away, people here in mar
. >> the first funerals, hundreds gathered to remember jack pinto known for his love of the new york giants. >> we are coming together as teammates. >> noah pozner's funeral was held in nearby fairfield. whenever his mother told him that she loved him, he replied not as much as meatpacker mom. those boys were six years old. local residents are doing what they can remember the victims. >> i'm here for the families. >> he has coached some of the siblings of the victims. he left teddy bears. >> i cannot believe this is happening. unbelievable. >> residents have come together. they're not giving up hope. >> hopefully, over the next two weeks, things will get better. perfect, but they will get better. >> of the public school students in newtown whowill go back to school except for sandy hook elementary. there's a plan in place and they of already begun to move all the stuff from sandy hook to new locations where the kids eventually will go back to school. i am tom roussey abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. 4:36. there is good news for honda. >> and it has been an up and down year for the housing mar
funerals were held for two young boys, jack pinto and noah pozner. >> he reminds me so much of my son when he was little. , i don't know. >> a local community's school threw open its doors to them. >> it is a good way to distract the kids and bring everyone together. >> mike said that his children took advantage of the activities, which included therapy dog. >> it is so small and as a local. people know everyone here. >> many are turning to faith to get them through. >> it will be all right. god is watching over us. id is going to be all right. -- it is going to be alright. >> just 24 hours ago, the president was in town. a lot of folks i have talked to say the visit meant a lot to them. they know they need to keep banding together to try to help the families who lost loved ones on friday. live in connecticut abc7 news. >> people in georgetown university are rallying around a student after learning her mother was one of those killed in the shootings. she was the school psychologist. she and the school principal dawn hochsprung have been praised for their confrontation of the shooter. >> in
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